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Agenda Publication

AGENDA is a capsule of thoughts and feelings of the moment each issue is created in, and as such a co-curation together with each artist contributing to the publication. In the third in a series of sporadical issues the drama of the everyday unfolds. The home is our stage. The curtains framing our arena are not of draped red velvet but of handed-down sun-bleached cotton, heavy with memories. Here our lives swing from comedy to tragedy via prosaic day-to-day. Emotion and intrigue take place against a backdrop of Tinder swipes and brushing teeth. In our theatre there is work to do and dishes to wash. Warm hands to hold and stories to hear. Skin to taste and love to make. Tears to cry and fights to fight. A home to make, and its rent to pay … In the play of our extraordinary life, where we’re the main character and friends and lovers make cameos, it is the ordinary moments together that become most important; the duvet tugs, the comfort tv, the sleepy hugs and the midnight teas. Cover by Drake Carr.

The original typographic architecture was established by Timonen & Sandberg. We got commissioned by the Publisher and Creative Director Jeff Ihatsu to take over with No. 3.


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