I have to own up to the fact that I had the pleasure of working with Christian Altmann back in the 1990s, when he joined my then company CDT Design in London. I recognised immediately that he was special and would develop into an exceptional talent. Two decades on, and viewing the work of Ateljé Altmann, I was right. The structure, grace, simplicity and intelligence of the solutions chime with my own view of what makes for thoughtful graphic design. But within that menu, one can also see the cultural mix gained from Ateljé Altmann's experience of working in Switzerland, Germany, America, the UK and Sweden. This has given the studio a point of difference and variety in its approach. —Mike Dempsey / London 2017

Ateljé Altmann works within the fields of corporate identity, print, packaging, editorial design and environmental graphics. The studio has more than twenty years of extensive experience working within the design industry. Our work stands for clarity and elegant simplicity. This website shows a selected group of projects that define our core activity.

Photographic material by (in alphabetical order) Mattias Amnäs, Brendan Austin, Christoffer Dalkarls, Per Kristiansen, Anders Kylberg, Per Ranung, Anton Renborg och Hannes Söderlund.


Project index



  • 3dO Arkitekter

  • Acne Studios

  • AIGA San Francisco

  • Altona Interior

  • Altona Interior AB

  • Andante Film

  • Anders Kylberg

  • Anton Renborg

  • Ateljé Altmann

  • Björn Borg

  • Bozarth Fornell

  • Brunmåla Hästklinik

  • Cinex

  • Designwise

  • Elfa

  • ElinderSten

  • Erika Stahlman Architecture

  • Evidon & Evidon

  • Folke Film

  • Foundation Capital

  • Future Nordic Design

  • General Motors Europe

  • Genova Property Group

  • Hermès

  • Johan Celsing Arkitektkontor

  • Källberga

  • Konstfack

  • Kronan Trademark

  • KTH School of Architecture

  • Lela Scherrer

  • Lintex

  • L’Uomo Vogue

  • Mathieu Gustafsson

  • Moncler

  • Motor Innovation

  • Nova Real Estate

  • Occupying Time

  • Oscar Properties

  • Playful

  • Plymouth College of Art

  • Polish Transportation System

  • Praxis am Rauracher

  • Pricise

  • Propeller

  • Ragnars

  • Reflex Arkitekter

  • SafeLine

  • Scrimshaw

  • Södertörns Tingsrätt

  • Sølve Sundsbø Studio

  • Spritmuseum

  • Storformat

  • Sunpocket

  • Svenskt Tenn

  • Swedish Space Corporation

  • Swiss Huntinghorn Society

  • Tengbom

  • Thomas Persson Studio

  • Tiger of Sweden

  • Twinsoll