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The name Cykelfabriken is a tribute to the old Nyman factory across the street, which during its 1940s glamorous days had more than 1,500 employees and manufactured as much as one bicycle per minute. The cycle factory's architecture is also inspired by the history of the site. The existing building is being demolished to accommodate Cykelfabriken, which will consist of two residential buildings with a common court. For the design of the building, Oscar Properties has taken inspiration from Gunnar Leche's work, Uppsala's city architect who has been responsible for most of the towns known buildings such as the Vaksala school, Uppsalas city theatre and the old city library.

We designed all marketing materials for Cykelfabriken, including a twentys-six meter wide facade painted in yellow, together with Christian Halleröd design. The project included a main theme book to describe the project, packaging for that, carrier bags and document folders as well as an introductionary ad campaign.


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