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Space is the machine

A configurational theory of architecture by Bill Hillier
This electronic edition was commissioned by Space Syntax in 2007. The content is based on the original hardback and paperback editions from the University of Cambridge in 1996.
'A house is a machine for living in...' Le Corbusier (1923). 'But I thought that all that functional stuff had been refuted. Buildings aren't machines.' Student. 'You haven't understood. The building isn't the machine. Space is the machine.' Nick Dalton, Computer Programmer at the University College London (1994).
Quotations from the introduction of the book..
During the cause of one year CA worked on this e-edition until publication. Tim Stonor, Chris Stutz and the team at Space Syntax Ltd were collecting all the text and image material that had to be implemented. The process contained an initial cover and layout presentation, text and image implementation as well as overseeing the final artwork of the e-document. It was important to create a simple grid system with comfortable text legibility. The colour red was derived from Space Syntax's brand colour palette. The document is set in Haas Unica.