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Visual Communication
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Portfolio book
'Propeller was founded in 1995 and is one of Scandinavia's top design agencies – a highly creative group of product, interaction and graphic designers, as well as design strategists, with an articulated intent to deliver commercial creativity to our clients...' (the books introductionary text)
The content of this book celebrates the lifespan of 15 years of the companies design work. It is not just a portfolio case for clients and future clients but as well a big Thank You and acknowlegdement to all these talented people who helped creating and establishing what is Propeller today.
CA was in charge of taking on the task to formulate all that material into two separate numbers. Number one stands for Product- and Industrial Design work, while number two contains work from the fields of Interaction- and Graphic Design. All compiled in the companies brand coloured slip case ready to shine in ones book shelf or on a clients coffee table.
CA has done this work while working at Propeller Design AB.