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Visual Communication
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10 Years Interactive Institute

The institution defined in book form.
The Interactive Institute is a Swedish experimental IT-research institute that combines expertise in art, design and information technology to perform world leading applied research. It develops new research areas and new experience oriented products and services, and it provides strategic advice to corporations and public organisations.
To celebrate the 10 year existence of the Institute CA designed a pocket size book full of stories and interviews from the Institute, complimented with images sliced in half to give a more abstract visual atmosphere to the more novel like publication form.
'It is hard to pinpoint what makes the Interactive Institute so completely different, and capable of producing these results, but I am convinced that the secret is that it is a unique platform for creative people to pursue their dreams and ideas. The results are creations that combine esthetics and novel information technology, and in almost every case there is also a stroy to be told. (...) Storytelling is an important part of our ten-year anniversary, it is natural to focus this book on some of the people who make the Institute the magic place it is, and to let them tell their stories.' Staffan Truvé, CEO, Interactive Institute.
CA has done this work while working at Propeller Design AB. Photography by Ellinor Hall..