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Illuminating the alphabet

A joined exhibition between ISTD and 26 at the British Library. In collaboration with Stuart Youngs and Will Audry
I'm J, the latecomer here. Last to join the 26. Emerging as a murky and fumbled letter between consenting scholars during the 1500s, I was pulling my alphabetical weight by 1640. Had to wait for the 'big hello; until that 1828 monster, Webster's Dictionary. So I missed the centuries of scribbling monks, the quill thing, all the gold leaf. Never once opened the batting for a paragraph of Beowulf. Was never illuminated like my siblings. No one ever got Medieval on my (curvy) ass and thrusting upright. This is my chance to shine, my 21st Century moment. Last maybe. Least, never.
Will's copy below the J. Photography by Lee Funnell